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lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Meeting me in 4-D, 9-D, 13-D

I look upon you,
for a larger view of the few i see....
Needs of greater wisdom
powerless enough to see more than just me.

I look upon me,
for a safe path to become what i feel....
Needs of greater knowledge,
for the blessed new days among us
and the new frequency that will drive our vision

I pray only for wisdom to believe
for i have granted peace all of my time.
i have seen the faces of deception,
and reached sense of greater change coming
as darkness faces its dawn
and light becomes the tour guide of our souls

over those moments, i meet you on the latter side of the mirror
watching me from where you´ve always been


Blessed shall be all forms of being, from whatever christ they choose to be.

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Te he conocido en 3d y en 2d y no tengo ninguna queja.