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miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Las corporaciones son personas también: La canción!

Una oda, hasta el momento en inglés, para las corporaciones como personas legalmente constituidas! Pueden encontrar el video de la canción compuesta por Mitt Romney, en la parte inferior.  


A corporation doesn't have to feed a family
A corporation cannot be unemployed
A corporation can't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Heart disease, brain tumors or hemroids

A corporation is set up with one motive And that is not to judge what's right or fair
A corporation's only goal is making money That's why a corporation doesn't care
A corporation can never sense the breeze upon its skin Never know what it's like to miss a meal
A corporation doesn't have to worry Because a corporation cannot feel

A corporation can never know the beauty It cannot wake up in a grove of ancient trees It only sees a hundred thousand dollars And some mill jobs it can ship out overseas
A corporation can't care for a child Sickened by a toxic oil spill
A corporation only stands to profit From interest on the loan for the hospital bill
A corporation never goes to funerals Of any victims who may die along the way
A corporation cannot feel remorse
A corporation never really has to pay But Mitt Romney said it so it must be true Corporations are people, too
A corporation doesn't have a mouth But it often has many a mouthpiece
A corporation cannot shoot a gun But it can employ an army of police
A corporation can never go to prison No matter how horrible the crime But a corporation can send lobbyists to Congress To make sure more of us are doing time
A corporation doesn't feel the pain Of a child raised by a TV set And the corporations will just get bailed out If their clients fall too deeply into debt But the Supreme Court said it so it must be true Corporations are people, too Corporations can't be rounded up and shot
A corporation can't be tortured through the night A corporation can't be blown up by an IED A corporation cannot ever see the sight
A corporation can't be killed by a tsunami
A corporation cannot drown beneath the tide
A corporation doesn't care who wins the war If they can just sell weapons to both sides
A corporation exists only to make money
A corporation never questions why
A corporation doesn't suffer consequences Because a corporation doesn't live and doesn't die But the Congress wills it and so it must be true Corporations are people, too

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